Year 5 Tutoring

I offer tutoring that helps students prepare for selective school entrance exams, in order to assist them in their bid to get into their desired schools.  This includes both state schools, such as; Tiffin, Nonsuch, Sutton, Wallington etc,  and independent schools such as Kingston Grammar, Lady Eleanor Holles, Surbiton High, Hampton Boys, and many more.


My year 5 sessions run once a week during term time.  They begin in early October and run until the end of the following September. (ending just before the Tiffin exam) Students interested in sitting the Independent school exams have the option of staying on with me until their exams up to the beginning of January. These sessions are an hour and a half long, with a maximum of 8 children and cost £30 per session.

Year 4 tutoring with us is not a pre-requisite. 

I offer an optional assessment session in early September.  This session lasts 2 hours, and you receive a detailed report via email afterwards outlining what I learned regarding your child from that session.  I find this helps parents decide if tutoring is right for their child. It can also be considered a  trial run, to see how they feel about it.

Note: we do have children who attend with no intention of sitting selective school exams, but simply want to improve their results in school.

Sessions cover all subjects required for school entry exams; English/Literacy, Writing, (both creative and persuasive) Maths/Numeracy, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and reading comprehension.

The children will be given books to take home and are expected to read two chapters a week, for which I will have questions prepared at our next session.  The goal of this is to build up both their vocabulary and reading skills by including discussions on “between the lines” reading. What was their motive? How do you think they felt?  Why do you think they did that?  In your opinion… They will also receive homework which should not take more than one hour per week to complete, This time increases a little in September to better prepare them for their upcoming  exams.

Subjects are taught in blocks of three to four weeks at a time, for maximum retention.

As we get nearer the exams, there will be much discussion on what they can expect on the day of he exam, in order to best prepare the children and ease any fears.