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Year 4 tutoring (Foundation classes)

I cover a variety of subjects in my year 4 sessions; English/Literacy, Maths/Numeracy, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and reading comprehension. We also briefly work on the different types of writing.

This is a foundation year meant to get the children accustomed to new subjects and the additional work required when going to tutoring in preparation for the 11+ exams..  The sessions are aimed at getting them to enjoy the new work and new skills, without finding it too highly pressured.  The children will be given books to take home and are expected to read two chapters a week, for which I will have questions prepared at our next session.  The goal is to get them to start reading more carefully and retaining what they have read. They will also receive homework which should not take more than 45 minutes per week to complete.  Subjects are taught in blocks of three to four weeks at a time, for maximum retention.  

Year 4 sessions begin in early September and run until mid-July. All sessions are held once a week during term time. They are one hour long, with a maximum of 6 children and cost £25 per session.

There are four year 4 sessions running weekly.  They all cover the same work so that anyone who has to miss a session for whatever reason could join another that week. The days and times of the sessions are as follows:

Monday 4-5pm
Monday 5:15-6:15pm

Tuesday 4-5pm

Tuesday 5:15-6:15pm

Although most year 4 students go on to join us in year 5, this is not a requirement as the sessions are also suitable for children aiming to gain more confidence and boost their results in school.

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