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Notes and important requests

  • There is no long-term commitment to stay in my tutoring sessions. If you feel after a few sessions that it is not right for your child, just let me know and you can stop; you stay as long as it works for your child. I would appreciate a weeks notice so that I do not unnecessarily print off work.

  • Tutoring is not offered on a drop-in basis. These sessions are designed to build on what was learned in previous weeks.

  • Please let me know in advance if your child will not be able to attend a session due to illness or other reason. On days that your child cannot attend, it may be possible for your child to come a different day that week, depending upon availability.

  • Your child will be given a folder to carry their work in. Please remember to bring this every week with the homework completed. They are not required to bring the book we are reading to the session.

  • Please arrive on time.



For Year 4 children, you will only receive feedback if I have any concerns.

For Year 5 children, I will schedule progress consultations with parents  in late February to early March  But note, if I have any concerns at all I will be in touch immediately.


Payment for classes is due no later than the start of the session. I respectfully ask that you pay on time.  You can pay with cash at each session, or via bank transfer to the account number below. You can pay weekly or per term.

Your Contact Information

Please be sure I have the most up to date contact information for you. I will give your child a contact form at their first session, and would appreciate it if you would complete it and hand back as soon as possible. Please also remember let me know if anything changes throughout your child's time with me.

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